Looking to add BIG Block production to your operation?  LondonBoulder is the solution!

LondonBoulder’s patented, fully-engineered and royalty-free big block forms make a multitude of BIG Block shapes for any BIG project.  Save money in time, materials, labor and installation with our easy to produce and install BIG Block. Take a look at the LB-42 form here! Check out our gallery here!

Our senior management team will listen carefully to your operational goals.  Together we will discuss how LondonBoulder can help you maximize your equipment, labor and other resources for year round profits from big block forms.  Don’t wait, call now  763-271-1956  or send an online request. Learn more about our features and read case studies on our blog here. 

Benefits of Big Block Forms

Their sturdy build and user-friendly design make them highly profitable. With production costs ranging from $60 to $70 per block (including labor and materials) and a selling price of approximately $120 each, London Boulder offers a royalty-free option, allowing you to retain all your profits.

The LondonBoulder BIG Block system is engineered for straightforward installation. With a variety of block sizes, we have become the top choice for contractors requiring large blocks. Our support team and extended engineers are accessible 24/7 through our text service to address any questions during installation.

See LondonBoulder In Action

LondonBoulder Forms include:

  • 100% Royalty FREE forms!
  • One Form – Multiple Block Shapes
  • Multiple Natural Rock Textures
  • Fast Pouring and Stripping
  • Optimal Heavy Gauge Steel Construction
  • Decades of BIG Block experience
  • Full Product Marketing Support
  • Proven Business Model

Simple & Fast Operation

LB 28 Form Features

LB 42 Form Features

LB 5260 Form Features