With London Boulder, you keep more of what you make!  

Designed with the producer in mind, London Boulder forms are the perfect turnkey product line for companies looking to venture into a new market. Their durable construction and ease of use allows for maximum profitability. Each block costs $60-$70 to produce (labor and materials) and sells for around $120 each. The best part? London Boulder is ROYALTY-FREE, so you keep all of your hard earned profits. Check out the video gallery to see how the process works! Take a look at our various form options. 

Becoming a Big Block Producer

LondonBoulder offers patented, fully-engineered, and royalty-free big block forms that can create a variety of shapes for any large-scale project. Save time, money, and effort in materials, labor, and installation with our easy-to-produce and install BIG Block forms. Explore our LB-42 form and gallery for more information.

Our senior management team is dedicated to understanding your operational goals as a big block producer. Together, we’ll explore how LondonBoulder can help you optimize your equipment, labor, and other resources for year-round profits from big block forms. Don’t hesitate—call us at 763-373-9605 or submit an online request. Learn more about our features and read case studies on our blog.

We can tailor our forms to fit your specific operation. Below we show an example of one of our most popular starter kits, the 5 Form Starter Kit. Call today 763-271-1956 for more information or to setup an online Big Block operation assessment.


We support our LondonBoulder form owners with:

Marketing and Sales Support

  • Online Support Training
  • Sales and Marketing Literature
  • Trade Show Support Materials

Production and Technical Materials

  • Block Production Manuals
  • Site Training
  • Fully Engineered System Data

We have taken the time to test each configuration and we provide these details to our form owners.
Below are various testing results.

• Interface Sheer Testing – PDF

• Connection Capacity Testing – PDF

• Connection Capacity Testing (with filled hollow)- PDF

LB 42 Form Features

LB 28 Form Features

LB 5260 Form Features

LB 42 In Action