Let’s take a look back at 3 of the highlighted case studies of 2023! In all three projects, the London Boulder big block system was the perfect solution for several reasons. First, maximizing space and fast installation were non-negotiable aspects. Because each project had time constraints, the clients needed to move fast and efficiently. Partnering with local construction crews, London Boulder completed each job done on time with ease. Secondly, all three locations didn’t have extra space for geo grid. Due to the massive weight of London Boulder blocks, geo grid wasn’t needed with the blocks. Check out the project summaries below! 

Chemung County Run-Off Project: 

In this residential neighborhood, London Boulder helped a group of neighbors overcome runway spill-off issues and stop the erosion of their property. Though a previous waterway had been installed years before, the rip rap eroded causing bordering lawns to slide into the run off bed. After excavating, London Boulder replaced the rip rap wall with fieldstone faced big blocks. In the end, the neighbors loved the result and felt confident knowing the solution would last for decades to come. 

County Highway 38 Project: 

Along County Road 38 in Burnsville, MN London Boulder installed this gravity wall to prevent erosion and protect the property of the homeowners. Due to the wall’s location, London Boulder was the perfect solution because of the large weight of each block, geogrid was not needed.  This MNDOT project was designed with minimal excavation, and completed quickly by the Rosti Construction crew. 

Beacon Bluffs Parking Lot Wall:

The major challenge for Beacon Bluff’s parking lot wall was zero space for reinforcement. The London Boulder big block gravity wall provided the perfect solution for this challenging issue. The gravity wall perfectly supported the landscape in a tight space, especially because the back of the property was only 15 feet away from the wall, geo grid materials could not be used. The London Boulder wall in Beacon Bluff’s parking lot will continue to fight erosion and hold back the elements for years. 

Become a big block producer today!

London Boulder big blocks are crafted with strength and style in mind. Because of this, many London Boulder projects are gravity walls (or, more simply, walls without reinforcement or geogrid. If you own or operate a pre-cast concrete company, London Boulder big blocks could be your next turnkey operation. 

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