Each year, the National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA) gathers across the nation to showcase new technology, build lasting relationships, and celebrate industry progress. For over 15 years, London Boulder has been attending The Precast Show to connect with customers and answer questions about products. This year, The Precast Show met in Denver, Colorado, from Feb 8th-10th. Check out the 2024 highlights!

The Keynote Luncheon

From breakout talk sessions with keynote speakers to product demonstrations, the 2024 Precast Show was a time of educational learning. This year’s featured speaker, Aron Ralston, gave an incredible presentation on his personal story of overcoming adversity in the face of unimaginable challenges. In 2003, Ralston survived being pinned under an 800 lb boulder for nearly 5 days while on a solo hike. His harrowing story would later inspire the Oscar-nominated film “127 Hours.” 

During the keynote luncheon, graduates of the NPCA’s Master Precaster program and the Leadership NPCA cohort are celebrated. The event also honors the winners of Best Practices Awards Competition, and recognizes the NPCA Certified Plant anniversaries. This year, Atlantic TNG from Sarasota Florida took home first place award for Best Practices because of the implementation of KPPA flex application to track inspections, trainings, and workflows. 

Trade Show Floor

On the trade show floor, exhibits didn’t disappoint. From new technologies in pouring concrete and hand rolled cigars, to giant machinery and a Swiss Alphorn–there was excitement around each corner. London Boulder got the opportunity to bring a real, full-sized big block to the show. Not just any block, but the 2024 Kasota Split Face block. Show attendees were able to take a look at the block, ask questions, and discover more about London Boulder’s products.

The Bash

Even when the main events wrapped up, the party still wasn’t over. Exhibitors and show attendees gathered around with their drinks to watch karaoke, participate in pool, and even get their portrait drawn by a caricature artist. “The Bash” as it was named, was a time of fellowship and games for individuals of all ages. Kids, teenagers, college grads and adults alike shared in the fun!

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While the 2024 Precast Show might be over, the party doesn’t have to be. At London Boulder, we’ve extended our precast show special! If you’re interested in becoming a producer, give us a call today to learn more about the discounted rate. (763) 295-3122