Three Benefits of Becoming a Big Block Producer

For more than 15 years, our big block forms have produced big profits.

Becoming a big block producer is simple with London Boulder. Each fully engineered form makes multiple shapes, designed from heavy gauge steel to last for decades. Our blocks are designed to deliver profits for years. So you might be thinking, “I understand how to make the big blocks, but how do I sell them?” Well, we can help with that too. We’ll share our “How to Sell Big Block” playbook that incorporates best practices as well as proven marketing ideas. Our marketing kit combines marketing and low cost strategies and tactics that you can deploy and control yourself. 

  1. Turnkey Profits

London Boulder has proven to be a turnkey business opportunity for precast concrete operations. Whether it’s just a few forms or a dozen forms for a full blown operation, this system is designed to make consistent profits. The London Boulder system is easily expandable, so you can go after those large projects. Our team would be happy to connect and discuss how the London Boulder system would fit in your operation.

  1. Product Marketing Support 

At London Boulder, we want you to feel confident in your big block producing capabilities. That’s why we offer a variety of resources to assist you in the process. From product support  materials, all the way to block production manuals and training, we’ve got you covered. When you become a big block producer, you can rest assured that we will always be available to answer any questions you might have. 

  1. Flexibility – One Form Can Make Multiple Block Shapes  

Each London Boulder’s patented, fully-engineered and royalty-free form is designed to be able to make multiple block shapes. Adding even more flexibility, there are 3 face textures (limestone, fieldstone and cobblestone) available for each block shape. Designed with your success in mind, the London Boulder system opens up opportunities for a new market.

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